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17th October 2005

waggery3:07am: A new South Florida community
It's brand new, so it's just getting started. But check it out, if you're interested in things to do in southeast Florida. Read the bio to see if it's for you.

And if this type of post in not allowed, I apologize. Please delete/ignore it.

15th July 2005

__hellodinosaur10:26pm: hi. i love fort p.

5th April 2005

jeanieeee1:05am: hahahaha

15th September 2004

moebius81:36pm: Hello, I hate this place.
Current Mood: hurricaned

25th August 2004

gonicko10:05pm: Welcome to Fort Pierce Kids, a community for members of the Fort Pierce youth community. Let's see how many members we can get.
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